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             Why is it called the

         'Holm' Show?


Because Newcastleton was built on a site

called Copshawholm.

That happened back in 1793, but people have very

long memories and the village is still widely known

by the old name - or simply as 'The Holm' for short.

The Show has been running since 1893 and

it's still a huge favourite with local people and visitors.

We pride ourselves on having a fun, friendly and

welcoming Show, but you don't need to take our

word for it - come and join us on the last Saturday

in August.

Have a wander round the website to find out more about the Holm Show and to see a few photos from previous years.




The Holm Show started life in 1883 with the slightly grander title of the Eskdale and Liddesdale Show, thanks to the then Duke of Buccleuch who came up with the idea in the first place.

The patronage continues with His Grace, Richard, Duke of Buccleuch still holding the honorary position. He succeeded his father who died in 2007, who was always a firm supporter of the event.

The Holm Show really is a day out for all the family. It has competitions galore, with classes for everything from crafts to terrier races to showjumping, to livestock and much more besides.

We also have hotly contested Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling competitions and the large vintage vehicle and working machinery display

always sparks great interest.

We like to keep things fresh, so every year sees several new classes and new entertainment in our main ring. Keep checking this website - or our Facebook page - for more information.

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