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Such a great day!

After all the weeks and months of preparation, the big day itself seemed to come and go in a flash. Actually this year it was more than just one day - because on the Thursday night before the Holm Show, we had an extra special event in the shape of a show by the wonderful band SCOCHA in the big marquee.

This was organised and presented jointly by the Clan Elliot Gathering and the Holm Show and it was a fantastic success.

If you'd like to know more about Scocha, just go to:

We have had a very wet summer, so there were fears beforehand that the Show might fall victim to the elements, but we are hardy souls in this part of the world and we were very determined that the Show must go on - and it did. Thanks to the many willing volunteers who came along to help out - and to Harrison & Hetherington for allowing us to use a bit of their land - we managed to rearrange our traditional show layout.

It called for a lot of hard work, but also quite a few laughs along the way - especially when this lot decided to turn themselves into Abba!

Holm Show day itself began with the threat of rain - again - and a bit of a traffic jam when a vintage car had an unfortunate malfunction in the gateway. However things swiftly improved, the rain (mostly) stayed away and it turned into a thoroughly good day.

You can see lots more photos from Holm Show 2017 elsewhere in this website so please do have a wander round.

The committee are taking a short (very short) breather now but will soon be back on track, thinking about next year's show. If there's anything you would like to suggest, please do let us know.

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