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Countdown to the Holm Show!

With just a few weeks to go, lots of work is going on behind

the scenes to ensure the Holm Show 2017 is a huge success.

It may be a comparatively small show, but still needs

an amazing amount of preparation - and many willing hands.

Newcastleton is famed far and wide for its community spirit.

Events are well supported and local people pitch in to do

their bit. Regular meetings are held throughout the year

to ensure everything from the raffle to the field preparation

to the catering to the entertainment is being looked after -

and very much more besides.

We like to hold on to the traditional elements which people

love and expect to find at the Holm Show but we like to

ring the changes too, so every year we search for new ways to

entertain our visitors.

This year too we have a number of new classes for people to

enter - such as a special baking class for Men Only - and

another one for Baking Failures. We promise the two aren't

linked in any way :)

We also have lots of classes for children and they're split

into age ranges so every one can have a go even the

littlest 'uns. Children at our local nursery and primary schools

have been getting in a bit of practice for their show entries at

special workshops.

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